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Dog at the wheel: driving home for Christmas?

Dog at the wheel: driving home for Christmas?

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These dogs would certainly want a new home at the wheel - especially now at Christmas time. And that is exactly the goal of the fun campaign that an animal protection association from New Zealand initiated. They want to draw attention to how intelligent the loyal four-legged friends are - and thus enable them to live outside the shelter.

You have already seen a lot: dogs on surfboards, dogs on skateboards in the winter sometimes on a sled - but these dogs at the wheel add to that. And even for a good cause. As the "Bild" newspaper reports, the animal protection association SPCA from New Zealand is behind it. A dog trainer trained the three dogs from animal shelters to drive a car independently.

Well, a little help and the right commands are still needed. Steering and switching works quite well. Maybe the shoulder look will come soon. In any case, braking is still a bit difficult - but there is still some time to practice before the big appearance in a television show. This is your chance to draw attention to yourself in New Zealand and worldwide, because the aim is to get animal lovers to give four-legged friends a new home from the animal shelter. Let's hope that the dogs behind the wheel don't have to pick up their new owner from the next Christmas party.

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