Bare knuckle pickups black dog review

Bare knuckle pickups black dog review

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Bare knuckle pickups black dog review

The Bare Knuckle is one of the most unique and interesting pickups currently on the market. The tone on a Bare Knuckle is much different than any other pickup I’ve ever used. It has a tone that sounds like it’s got a completely different set of electronics inside, it’s not just one pickup you are looking at. The Bare Knuckle is a full custom design and is an amazing combination of old and new with one of a kind features.

I’ve used a lot of pickups and there are a ton of different brands out there. Bare Knuckle is definitely in a class of its own with the new features and options they are offering to the consumer. This is going to be one of those pickups that you need to hear for yourself to believe it.

For example, the Bare Knuckle is designed to take the best features of different pickup designs and put them together to create a set of tones and features that are like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Bare Knuckle is based in Nashville, TN and was created to be a one stop solution for high quality custom pickups and other fine instrument accessories. I’ve known Mark Cuffe for quite some time, so I can honestly say I’ve had many conversations with him and he’s been nothing but a big-hearted and warm person. I got to talking to him about Bare Knuckle and everything just felt right about it. Mark is a well respected player and guitar builder and his passion and love for his craft is clear in everything he does.

I’ve had a lot of success with other products from his shop, but the pickup that has caught my attention is the P-Bass. I’ve tried several basses with Bare Knuckle and it’s one that I have come to rely on for recording and playing gigs. They have amazing features on it that are unmatched by any other pickup design that I’ve ever used.

It comes with adjustable coils that range from humbuckers to dual magnets. The dual magnet set is similar to what you see on the Fender Bassman, but much more advanced in every way. It features a unique pole arrangement that allows it to have the same great tone as its smaller siblings but without the bulk. It’s also a very well-constructed pickup.

If you’re searching for a pickup that will work in every situation and on almost any instrument, check out the Bare Knuckle P-Bass. You’ll have the best of a lot of different pickups in one set. It’s a set that I can’t get enough of.

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