Pet sick? Beware of lay diagnoses on the Internet

Pet sick? Beware of lay diagnoses on the Internet

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In the Internet age, many owners look for the meaning of symptoms when their pet is sick. But lay diagnoses and treatments are very dangerous - the symptoms may be misinterpreted. Only your veterinarian gives you security! "Is that true what's there?", This cat might think - Shutterstock / LoloStock

It is only a few clicks to the supposedly professional opinion. In the worst case, lay diagnoses from the Internet can be life-threatening for your sick pet. If you are not a veterinarian, you cannot be sure whether and how seriously an animal is ill - especially not from a distance via the Internet.

Sick pet: do not rely on lay diagnosis

The dog has watery eyes, the cat does not seem to have an appetite or the hamster looks tired - what your pet is suffering from cannot be diagnosed from a distance with certainty. Pet owners should therefore not rely on tips from the Internet, advises the Federal Veterinary Chamber.

If the pet is sick, going to the vet should be the first step. Only this can examine the animal, make the correct diagnosis and initiate the appropriate therapy. Lay diagnoses and online treatment tips can be wrong. While it is okay to find out online and look for the first clues, no final conclusions should be drawn. If there is an emergency in the dog or your cat, you must not waste any time and it is best to go to the veterinarian or the veterinary clinic immediately.

Beware of supposed experts

While you can usually rely on a veterinarian to know what he is talking about, the supposed experts and experts on the Internet may look different. Before you put your pet in treatment, look at veterinary practitioners or animal physiotherapists twice.

These job titles are not protected, so theoretically everyone can call themselves that. Check with your veterinarian beforehand if he can recommend a competent veterinary practitioner or animal physiotherapist if necessary.

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Alternative treatment methods only from a reliable source

If you prefer alternative treatment methods for your pet, you should only obtain healing methods such as acupuncture from a reputable source. On the one hand, your veterinarian can recommend someone who is knowledgeable in herbal medicine, for example. On the other hand, you can have your pet treated by a veterinarian who has undergone additional training. In any case, the way to your pet's recovery should be through the vet. The Internet can only give you initial clues.