Does ikea allow dogs

Does ikea allow dogs

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Does ikea allow dogs in their shops? How about pets?

IKEA says it's safe to take your dog into the shop with you, but they don't allow animals, including pets.

The Danish furniture company says there are a lot of reasons why you should be careful about bringing animals into the shop.

The company says it's agnst its code of conduct to allow animals in their stores because of safety concerns.

"There are very specific and sometimes serious reasons why it is not allowed," sd Ikea spokeswoman Ingrid Kjellin. "In the shop, there are so many different products that it's possible for a dog to damage them, for instance. If you have a dog and the dog barks, this is very annoying."

Kjellin says that many of the products the company sells require customers to handle them without gloves, and that they could also be damaged by the dog's saliva.

Kjellin says some customers who bring their dogs into the stores have been asked to keep them in their cars.

She adds that Ikea doesn't consider the company's code of conduct a sign that customers aren't welcome to bring their own animals in.

"It's not like we have an animal-free zone. The fact that we don't allow pets in the shop doesn't mean that it's a no-go zone," sd Kjellin. "I can assure you that there are dogs that are very well-behaved who don't disturb anything. There are other dogs that are very good with children, but it's something that you should consider before bringing your dog into the shop."

Still, Kjellin says Ikea is willing to talk with animal lovers about ways to make the experience more comfortable for both customers and pets.

"If there's a way to make the shopping experience more convenient for both the person and the dog, then we are all in favor of that."

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