Dog walker los angeles

Dog walker los angeles

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Dog walker los angeles and a very good time. I was a little nervous, but i knew that i could handle myself, because he had had me for practice and i was a bit worried he was gonna tell me i wasnt ready. but i was, he is a excellent dog walker.

- L. M., Woodland Hills

A very professional dog walker who knows how to take you to where you want to go, whether it be for the dog, or for her own enjoyment.

- J. R., Pasadena

My dog and I are both very happy with my dog walker, she has a wonderful, calm and caring way of interacting with both of us. She has also brought great enrichment opportunities for my dog. I would certainly recommend her.

- L. T., Tarzana

She is very professional and is not judgmental. My dog just loves to go walking.

- T. C., Beverly Hills

She knows how to get dogs and people to bond! She knows how to pick out the right walking route for your dog and even will go out of her way to change her route based on the weather. She takes wonderful care of my dogs and we all enjoy our time together.

- N. S., Beverly Hills

My dog loves getting walked. My walker will take the time to get to know your dog and learn about his personality. I highly recommend her services.

- L. D., Burbank

Fantastic dog walker. The best kind to have.

- D. A., Los Angeles

She really connects with my dog. Sometimes she lets him lead the walk (she doesnt'!) and sometimes he is really busy so we have to do what he needs. She is always very patient and understanding. She's amazing. She's good with all sizes and ages of dogs. I'm extremely happy with her and will always use her services.

- D. B., Encino

I think she has been great with my dog. She is very conscientious and always gives him a job to do! I highly recommend her.

- B. J., Los Angeles

The BEST dog walker I've ever had. She's so sweet, attentive, and knowledgeable.

- L. M., Pasadena

Sylvia is an amazing dog walker. She goes the extra mile. I've recommended her to a neighbor and they've been very happy with her. Highly recommend.

- J. R., Los Angeles

We have been using Sylvia since June and have never been disappointed. She is very easy to work with and can accommodate any of our dogs. She always sends photos of our dogs after each walk and we are able to read their body language to see how they are doing. We would definitely recommend Sylvia for your dog walking needs!

- A. A., Long Beach

Sylvia is a wonderful dog walker and is very attentive to our pups. Her instructions are clear and she always sends us pictures after each walk. We have recommended her to friends and will continue to do so.

- D. L., Los Angeles

Sylvia is fantastic, caring and knowledgeable. It is hard to find the kind of dog walker you want to have for your fur baby but Sylvia is truly exceptional.

- A. M., Los Angeles

Sylvia has been my dog walker for a year. She is amazing. She really connects with my dog and is always flexible and attentive to my needs. I recommend her highly!

- D. C., Santa Monica

Very attentive and attentive to the needs of my dog. Her instructions are clear and she follows them very attentively. I am very happy with Sylvia.

- J. P., Los Angeles

I was extremely disappointed that they were not using Sylvia but this was not the case and she was doing a fine job. The staff that I spoke with was very rude and unhelpful.

- M. R., Woodland Hills

My dog has been with Sylvia for a year now and we are very happy with her. She is very knowledgeable about dog behavior and takes the time to communicate with us. I will continue using her services.

- A. A., Beverly Hills

I have recommended Sylvia to several of my friends and they have said the same thing. She is extremely caring and attentive and has a wonderful knowledge of dog behavior. We have also had Sylvia on our patio to take our dogs off the leash and they love it! Highly recommend.

- C. T., New York

Sylvia is very responsive and she gives excellent instructions.

- E. B., Beverly Hills

Sylvia is so attentive and knowledgeable. She's very good about explaining what she is doing. We are very happy with her services.

- B. F., Los Angeles

I have been using Sylvia for about 3 years now. I really like her. She has an incredible sense of how dogs behave, how they are taught, etc. I'm always amazed at how much she picks up on the "tells" my dogs give me. I highly recommend Sylvia.

- D. H., Los Angeles

We have been using Sylvia for about a year and a half and have been very happy. She has a fantastic sense of dogs and is always willing to go over and over the lesson plan we have together. She is very attentive to my dogs' behavior. Highly recommend!

- J. M., Santa Monica

Sylvia is the best and highly recommended! She is wonderful with dogs. I love my dog as much as I love Sylvia.

- S. G., Santa Monica

Sylvia has been pet sitting for my entire family for several years now. She has a deep understanding of dogs and knows how to adapt her methods to our family’s individual needs and wants. We love working with her because she always goes above and beyond for us!

- K. S., Lake Arrowhead

Sylvia is really helpful and very skilled.

- A. A., Beverly Hills

I have been very pleased with Sylvia’s performance at my home and her professionalism.

- C. B., Montecito

Sylvia is very good with dogs and great with my husband’s dogs.

- T. C., Montecito

Sylvia is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for dog training services.

- A. F., Sherman Oaks

Sylvia is a fantastic pet sitter! She’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. She’s also super sweet and always makes our beloved dog happy.

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