What's a male dog called

What's a male dog called

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What's a male dog called, in the UK?


The term for a dog is'male' - but some people also use the term'sir' or 'babe' to describe an old or a small dog.

The only way I've ever heard anyone call a dog a'she' is when a dog is a'sporting' bitch.

A dog's name is usually the name of the owner's family, in the UK that's most often 'RSPCA' - a common name being 'Whip', although 'Ruby' is also popular.


If the dog is male and the owner is male, or both, they might be called "poofter", although this is offensive in most circles and should not be used in front of children.


In British English, a man's dog is often called a "shepherd". This has the additional meaning of a "minding dog".

Shepherd is the most popular name for a dog in Great Britain.

I found a list of names on

I like that site. I found a list of Canadian names for dogs on it.

It also has a list of American names for dogs.

I like to look at the lists of names when trying to come up with an original name for my dog. In the case of shepherds, names like "Hugh" are common.

Another name that seems to work well is "Bark", although a dog's bark is more like a warning than a song.


In the UK the word "Shepherd" is often used to refer to a male dog. It could be that the owner or the breed is British or Irish or the dog's name is derived from that.

It's a colloquial term, not a name in any case.