Cute: Sweet boxer wants his bones for himself

Cute: Sweet boxer wants his bones for himself

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The boxer Brock and his girlfriend Izzy are actually a heart and a soul. But when it comes to his favorite nibble, Brock understands no fun. Just lovely!

As sweet as boxer Brock is his dog-friend Izzy, the cute four-legged friend may not share his huge bone. It is actually big enough for both. But Brock tries all the time to pull Izzy the big treat away. When the owner intervenes and puts the giant bone back in the middle, the cute boxing dog looks at her a little perplexed, as if he wanted to say: "Hey, what's that about now?"

Promptly he grabs the big nibble again - a picture for the gods! But Brock is never gross. Cleverly and cautiously, he tries to extract the bone from Izzy. In the end, the owner has to hold the big bone in the middle so that both boxers can nibble on it. After all, this happens in the best families ...

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