Wishes for the New Year - shelter cat

Wishes for the New Year - shelter cat

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12 days of the new year have passed, what could a cat wish for in a shelter in 2011?

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12 days of the new year have passed.
What could a cat wish for in a shelter in 2011?

a. a new home
b. for this house to be forever
c. and while they are still in the shelter, a bowl full of not only tassel or whiskas.

As far as points a and b seem obvious, what is c about?

Colorful kitekat, whiskas and darling foods are not the top of a cat's dream in a shelter. Better-quality food strengthens the organism, especially in a cat exposed to stress - and stress is the main cause of feline diseases - few people know that many cat ailments stem from the delicate psyche of a cat. A strong organism fights viruses and bacteria, a weakened organism gives up.
That is why it is so important that cats in shelters not only have a full bowl, but also a bowl of good quality. Instead of 2 kg of cheaper colored food, it is better to give 400g but of better quality. And it doesn't have to be Royal Canin or Hill's. The cheap and quite good ones, for example purina cat chow, smill, animonda. Brown crisps - this is a better quality food. Avoid colored (4% meat, a lot of chemicals, soy indigestible by cats, and the color does not mean "vegetable" or "meat" but is a clever marketing procedure to lie to the eyes of the owner).

Loud no shelter will say that it has enough animal food. Most of them struggle with deficiencies ... But it happens that the colorful one is actually quite bad, but it is bad karma, and very, very much, a need of better quality or healing. Unfortunately, tenders are arranged in such a way that they are selected according to the criterion of the cheapest.
Kitekat for a cat at home or in the yard is ok (these cats have more varied food), but not in the special conditions of the shelter.

He tries to promote this topic, among others Kotylion group operating as part of the Viva Foundation, its volunteers also work in the Lodz Shelter at the cat shop.

"Coloring books are given to feeders, for free-living cats it is really SOMETHING.
We regularly buy Josera, Bosita, and Carny animonda for the shelter, as far as we can modestly, thanks to donations from people of good will, 1%, thanks to charity auctions on our allegro.
Better karma, good care, vet - a nod to this Neither Mrozek and a lot of her work for cats in the shelter - the care of the ladies Asia and Mariola who look after the cat shop, and you can see the results - the cats have relatively good conditions to wait for new good homes. "

And this is not a fad. Better feed = more meat as a percentage = greater economy of nutrition (the cat eats less of it until it is saturated) = more easily digestible vitamins and other ingredients. The cat is healthier, so you save money at the vet. In the long run, it is not more expensive.

"It is better to give less, but better" - they appeal.

Despite the best care, a shelter is not a good home for a cat. Nothing can replace Your Exclusive Man, warm knees and hands.
And this is what we wish for the shelter cats in the New Year - loving homes that can take care of a feline friend.

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