Bitch Maddie takes a bath

Bitch Maddie takes a bath

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In summer, dogs need a little cooling from time to time. The same applies to Labrador lady Maddie in this video, who discovered her own pool in the garden at home. Without further ado, she grabs the water hose to fill up her paddling pool with the cool water.

"Even the woman is!" Thinks bitch Maddie when she discovers her empty mini-pool in the garden of her owners. Zack, the sweet Labrador quickly clamped the garden hose between his teeth to pull it to the small outdoor bathtub. After all, the owner has already turned on the water and so the smart four-legged friend only has to hold the hose in the paddling pool to take a bath.

But Maddie apparently doesn't want to fill her pool at all, but prefers to take a shower immediately. Several times, with the water hose in her mouth, she swings her head back and forth to splash the water on her back. Clever Labrador!

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