Dog must take medication: this is how he swallows the pill

Dog must take medication: this is how he swallows the pill

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Medicines, whether in the form of tablets, liquids or granules, rarely taste good. Therefore, dogs rarely swallow their medicine without problems. But as a holder, you can help with a few small tricks so that your four-legged friend swallows the pill and quickly gets well again. "Why should I eat them? You have to come up with something," this dog will think - Shutterstock / antoniodiaz

In contrast to humans, a dog does not understand why it should swallow an unpleasant-tasting pill and therefore simply leaves it behind. Many spit out tablets when they find that they are not as tasty as a dog treat. Here's how you can help:

Mix medication into the feed

The easiest way to give your dog medication is to mix the pill into dog food. At best, your patient will not even notice cheating medication. However, you should always make sure that the dog does not spit out the tablet after eating. So watch him while eating and a few minutes afterwards.

You can increase the chances of success if you give your pet the medication via treats. For example, simply hide the pill in a ball of liver sausage or in a piece of cheese. Tip: First give your dog a treat without a pill so that he gets a taste and immediately afterwards one with a hidden pill. Again, you should make sure that the drug is really swallowed.

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Straight into your mouth: in, out, swallow

You can also give the pill to your dog's mouth. This works best when the fur nose is in a sitting position. Open his catch and put the medication as far back on his tongue as possible. Then close the catch and keep it closed with one hand, slightly pushing your head back. You can stimulate the swallowing reflex by gently massaging your dog's throat until he finally swallows.

If that doesn't work, ask your vet for advice. The drug may also be available in another form, for example as drops, which can be better mixed into the feed. Or there is the possibility of crushing the tablet so that the drug in the feed is not so noticeable. However, this can change the effect with some means.