Dog takes 6-hour vigil for dog run over in China avenue

Dog takes 6-hour vigil for dog run over in China avenue

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This dog spent six hours watching his dead companion on a Chinese road. Next to the body, in the middle of the road, the stray dog ​​tries to revive his companion with licks and affection.

This breathtaking story took place today in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, China. Photos show the animal carefully, pushing the dog after she was hit and killed by a car. After he fails to wake her, the male refuses to leave and stays at his companion's feet for six hours.

Xiao Wu, a Chinese butcher who saw the case on the street, said: "He stayed by her all day, licking her, pushing her and trying to wake her up. It was very touching."

Dog watches over his run-down companion in the middle of the street

Xiao further said, after the accident, that he saw the male dog running and trying to hug the female dog with his front legs: "Then he pushed with his head and licked his face. I even saw the scene with tears in my eyes."

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Dog trying to save his girlfriend with licks

According to Xiao, the dog was an abandoned animal that he had recently started to feed. Then, a week ago, the male dog appeared. "Then I realized that she had a boyfriend. They were together all the time, playing and loving each other."

Dog watches in the middle of the street the dog run over

Dog hugs and cares for his companion's body for six hours

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