Cirneco do Etna

Cirneco do Etna

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Cirneco do Etna file

It is a hunting dog indicated mainly in the hunting of wild rabbits, but also used in the hunting of pheasant and partridge. It adapts to various adverse situations, such as difficult terrain, high temperatures, resisting food and water shortages for long periods of time. In his hunting method it was quite common to use the Ferret (Ferret) as his companion and he mainly uses his sense of smell. In addition to this function, he is also a guard and companion dog.

This dog may be known for Cirneco do Etna or Cirneco dell’Etna, as it is commonly called in Italy.


Studies on dog breeds in the Mediterranean basin concluded that this breed is a descendant of dogs bred in the Nile Valley during the time of the pharaohs and that they would have arrived in Sicily thanks to the Phoenicians. Currently, there is another aspect that considers that this dog appeared in the region close to Etna many centuries before Christ, including records of the breed in engravings and coins. It bears resemblance to the Pharaoh's Dog.

Its pattern was first drawn up in 1939, the same year in which it was accepted into the Italian Kennel Club and earned the name “Etna” in its name, ceasing to be known only as Cirneco. The first American club for the Etn Cirneco breed was formed in 1997 and has been part of the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) since 2007.


He has a strong temperament, but is also gentle and affectionate. Active and agile, he is both docile and a pleasant companion, enjoying the relationship with his family. When he is at home he likes to play, he lives well with children and other pets when he grows up with them. He is a good guard, as he is suspicious of those he does not know, without being aggressive. It must be trained firmly, but at the same time soft, from an early age.

As it is independent and alert, the Etna's Cirneco dog it is a great hunting dog, also having a curious and very intelligent nature that needs to be satisfied with some mental stimulation. It is a friendly dog ​​and should be scolded when very shy or very aggressive, and can become dominant when allowed.


Slender and elegant dog, of primitive aspect, medium size, being resistant and robust. Its body is slightly distant, with its constitution fitting in a square. The skin is thin and well-adjusted, the color varies with that of the coat and should never be depigmented. The feet are oval in shape, with stiff pads and sturdy, curved nails, both pink or brown ocher in color, never black. It usually moves at a gallop, with periods where the trot is present. The hairs are straight and rigid, similar to the hair of horses, are semi-long on the body and tail and short on the head, ears and limbs, with a smooth and settled appearance. It may be fawn colored, intense or diluted in shades such as sand, isabella, etc., white, white with orange stain is allowed, it may also be fawn with white spots on the chest, belly, paws, tail tip , white stripes on the head and white necklace, which is not much appreciated. It is also accepted that the coat is mixed fawn, with slightly darker or lighter hair.

The head of the Cirneco dell’Etna it is oval in the longitudinal direction, in the upper profile it gives the impression of being almost flat, as the skull is not very convex. The truffle is rectangular in shape and generally large, its color varies according to the color of the coat, and can be dark brown, flesh colored or even light brown. The snout is pointed, with a straight nasal cane. The jaws are usually well developed, despite not having a strong appearance, the teeth are also well developed, with the incisors inserted straight and aligned, the bite is scissor. The eyes are ocher, amber or gray, never brown or dark hazel; sweet in expression, it has an oval shape, but for small ones, the edges of the eyelids have coloring corresponding to the color of the truffle. The ears are close together and set high, triangular in shape with narrow, erect tips, with the opening facing forward. The neck is of equal length to the head, arched, with a shape similar to a truncated cone, the skin is thin, adjusted, leaving the muscles visible and without the presence of dewlap. The tail is thick with uniform thickness throughout, set low, is long, reaching or exceeding the hocks, when the dog is in action it tends to curl over the back, staying straight when the dog is at rest.

Specific care

It needs regular brushing. It adapts easily to life in the city, but needs constant exercise, mental challenges and interaction with your family to stay healthy.


There are no health problems directly related to the breed dog Cirneco do Etna.

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