Buying Great Dane: That's her character

Buying Great Dane: That's her character

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If you want to buy a Great Dane, you should be prepared for the fact that this breed has a friendly but spirited character. You should still know about their nature. The Great Dane's character is friendly, playful and affectionate - Image: Shutterstock / Karla Caspari

This breed has not only been very popular since Kaiser Wilhelm. If you buy a Great Dane and want to find out about the character of the big four-legged friend beforehand, you should know these traits: The Great Dane is friendly and loving - a dog of this breed is often very cuddly, because "his person" is the most important thing for him. At the same time, the four-legged friends are also very spirited, sometimes even stormy.

Great Dane: temper temperament

When romping outside in the garden or in the great outdoors, the Great Dane should of course be able to let its enthusiasm run free. When it comes to training, it is important that the dog knows its limits. Because of his exuberant nature, he sometimes forgets how big he actually is.

Otherwise, the Great Dane is very good-natured, almost stoic. Your stimulus threshold is extremely high - this also makes dealing with children relatively safe. The four-legged friend is never really aggressive. However, he wants to defend "his people" when he sees them in danger. He is at least hesitant if not skeptical of strangers.

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Sensitive character: gentle giant

As for its caregivers, the dog is very sensitive overall. He is very sensitive and senses when someone is not feeling well. The Great Dane is very affectionate - once it gets used to its owners, it wants to spend as much time with them as possible.